The Daily Grind Espresso Cafe is an independent, locally owned espresso bar located on the University of North Carolina Campus in Chapel Hill. We take pride in serving students, faculty and staff with an excellent cup of coffee, espresso, pastries and food baked locally. We have a cozy location next to the Bullshead Bookshop with lots of outdoor seating and the best view of the "pit" on campus.

The Daily Grind has offered shade-grown and organic coffees to the university community since we began our relationship with Counter Culture Coffee Roasters in 1995. We also offer flavored coffees roasted by Stockton and Graham in Raleigh, NC.

Check out the coffees we offer each week.

Also, if you are into cheap espresso machines, and pod coffee makers, check out Cuppabean. The Daily Grind has always been known to have an interesting and eclectic staff. Find out a little more about them. Meet the Staff!

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